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The Best Places To Buy A Second-Hand Static Caravan

Tuesday 25th February 2020
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power
Check Out Used Static Caravans For Sale Across The U.K.!

Buying a static caravan could easily be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, even if it’s pre-loved. That’s why you need to shop around carefully, researching exactly where and who to buy from. 

In fact, choosing a second-hand static caravan requires even more attention to detail than buying new, as you’ll want to ensure it’s still in top nick. Take your time and you’ll secure a special holiday home, rush your purchase and you’ll likely be left with a pricey regret.

But where should you even begin to browse? 

It all depends on your preferences and confidence as a buyer. Some people purchase second-hand static caravans on site within their holiday park of choice, while others jump online to enjoy discounts from private listers offering used static caravans for sale off site. Then there are those who prioritise the peace of mind that comes with the support of an expert estate agent - a particularly attractive option if you’re a first-time buyer with limited knowledge of caravans.

Basically, whether you’re a life-long caravanner or nervous newbie, there are a few ways to find and buy the perfect pre-owned static caravan. Below, we’ve outlined the most popular paths to purchase so that you can start your search the smart way!

On Site Vs. Off Site Caravans

Even if you’ve fallen in love with a particular static caravan, it could be on a drastically different pitch to the one you’ve been dreaming of. And let’s face it: you don’t want to waste your annual leave in a place you don’t even like, no matter how lovely your holiday home is! 

If that’s the case (and it often is when buying second-hand), you’ll have to transport the unit to your preferred holiday park. This process can cost anywhere from £300-£3,000 depending on distance, the size of your static caravan and so on. In addition to this expense, you’ll need to make sure the new site has a spare pitch, that its owners are willing to lease it and that you can afford to pay any additional re-siting charges to get your caravan up and running.

While buying off site allows you to focus on finding the perfect property and worry about its location later, purchasing a static caravan on site is more straightforward and far less stressful. Your holiday home is already right where you want it, waiting to welcome your next getaway. Just make sure you’re absolutely besotted with the surrounding area before you sign on that dotted line - this will be your go-to destination from now on!

Note that if you go down the latter route, you’ll most likely be obliged to pay the site owner a commission on your purchase. While this sum is generally charged to the seller, they’ll usually pass a portion of it on to whoever buys the static caravan. 

Learn more about the costs of owning a static caravan here.

Finding Second-Hand Static Caravans For Sale

Online Marketplaces

Your quickest and most convenient option is to visit any of the many online marketplaces. From Gumtree, News Now and eBay to more specialised platforms like Caravan Autotrader, the internet will give you access to the greatest selection of second-hand static caravans for sale. 

With marketplaces offering advanced filters that cover everything from accessibility and berths to gas fires and sea views, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the click of a button. Not to mention that many online sellers are private owners, meaning you can negotiate fantastic deals that simply wouldn’t fly anywhere else.

We prefer to go caravan-specific with our websites, as the people behind the platform will be able to offer some expert guidance if you run into any problems. For instance, UK Caravans 4 Sale is an online marketplace designed specifically for the sale and purchase of static caravans - you’ll discover beloved caravans sold by dealerships, holiday parks and private owners. Set up and run by caravan owners, these guys understand first-hand the importance and challenges of finding the perfect holiday home, pitch and park for your dream getaway. It’s free too!

Yes, the internet is definitely your friend when it comes to hunting for bargains on all sorts of static caravans. But no matter the website, you need to approach all communication with caution.

Protect your savings from scammers with these pro tips:

  • If a bargain sounds too good to be true, assume it is. In other words, resist the temptation to buy that top-of-the-line 2020 static caravan listed for $5,000.
  • Always view a static caravan before you pay for it. No ifs, ands or buts. If a seller is ‘too busy’ or suddenly non-responsive, it’s likely they’re trying to avoid showing you the reality.
  • If a photo of the static caravan looks a bit suspect i.e. copy and pasted from another source, right-click the image and select ‘search Google for image’. This handy feature will tell you if the image has been copied from another source. 
  • Never, ever, ever share your personal banking details with a seller, even if you are 100% confident that you are buying their static caravan. 

Estate Agents

If you’re too busy to take on the task of sourcing your ideal unit, don’t feel confident in your search skills or simply want access to exclusive deals, a caravan-specific estate agent is your answer. You’ll also enjoy complete trust in your transaction, knowing that a professional has vetted each seller to ensure they’re the real deal.

These industry experts have years of know-how under their belts, promising to find you a static caravan that fits your preferences, price point and needs. All you have to do is tell them exactly what you want. From there, they’ll take care of all the hard work, presenting you with suitable holiday homes and organising a viewing for each one that peaks your fancy. 

And when you’re ready to take the plunge, estate agents often offer flexible finance options in partnership with leading brokers. For instance, Caravan Estate Agent has teamed up with Pegasus Finance to provide smooth, stress-free and personalised payment plans.

Holiday Parks

If you know exactly where you’d like to pitch a caravan, why not go directly to your holiday park of choice? This might be your most efficient way of finding and buying a static caravan.

Speak with the holiday park team to discover what static caravans are on sale, which sites are available and the total costs involved in owning a unit within their grounds. It’s also a great idea to chat with existing owners, who can give you a first-hand account of what it’s really like to have a static caravan in that location.

If this option appeals to you but you haven’t actually chosen a holiday park yet, Haven offers a wide variety of static caravans from top makes like Atlas, ABI and Willerby at over 38 parks! Parkdean Resorts is also worth checking out, with static caravans for sale at many of the U.K.’s most beautiful seaside, lakeside and countryside sites. Their prices start from just £15,995 - and that’s including your first year's pitch fees!

Test Before You Invest

Okay, so now you have a better idea of where to look - but don’t cheque book just yet. Regardless of whether you’re buying big or small, luxury or minimal, on site or off site, it’s important to confirm your criteria. And you won’t know for certain until you’ve tried out a few options!

The easiest way to ensure that you’re focusing on the right type of holiday home in the right holiday spot is to hire a similar static caravan in your area of interest. That way, you’ll learn first-hand exactly what you want and where you want it. And hey, what better excuse for a weekend away?

With Camplify, you can connect with local owners in all corners of the U.K., hiring a static caravan for each trial run. We’ve got all sorts of rentals just waiting to open their doors to you - simply head over to our homepage to start searching! 

Why Rent A Static Caravan On Campify?

  • You’ll find it hard to come across a static caravan with branding on it, meaning you’ll get a real feel for what it’s like to have your very own holiday home.
  • Every static caravan has a unique style and layout, offering up some serious design inspo! 
  • Each and every one of our rentals is protected by comprehensive static caravan insurance, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday.

So what is Camplify?

We are the UK’s largest caravan & motorhome RV sharing community, helping connect thousands of holidaymakers with RV owners.

What does that mean?

Essentially, we provide a unique sharing service where owners of caravans, camper trailers,
motorhomes, and campervans list their RV for hire while not in use. 

As an owner, this enables you to earn over £10,000 each year instead of having your RV just sitting around while you’re not using it.

As a holidaymaker, Camplify helps you find an RV that is perfect for you so you can experience the joys of caravanning - without having to own one yourself.

Interested? Learn more about Camplify here.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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