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How Much Does It Really Cost To Buy A Static Caravan?

Tuesday 25th February 2020
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power
Us Brits just can’t get enough of our static caravan holidays. So much so that we own over 365,000 of these homes away from home, according to the NCC. And there’s a reason or two why sales are surging!

Unlike their towed counterparts, static caravans aren't designed for long-distance travel. Instead, they stay on a pitch in your preferred park - a relatively affordable escape with all of the facilities, features and furniture you could ask for. Oh, and a surrounding community with top-notch activities for all ages!

A stationary retreat that’s always there when you need it, it’s no surprise you’re keen to join the static caravan club. But before you start picking out deck furniture, you’ll need to consider the true costs of purchasing this type of holiday home. Spoiler: your caravan’s price tag is only the beginning.

To paint you a better picture of the prices involved in owning a static caravan, we’ve outlined all of the key expenses to expect. That way, you’ll know what to budget for before you’re billed. 

Static Caravans For Sale: Brand New Vs. Pre-Loved

Let’s not lie: it feels pretty amazing to purchase a shiny new static caravan, knowing that you’re the very first owner to step through its door. With the latest tech, sophisticated design and excellent condition, your holiday home is guaranteed to stand out for all the right reasons. 

Of course, the major downside of buying new is the heftier sum. New caravans usually sell for about £15,000 to £100,000, whereas used caravans can generally cost anywhere from £5,000 to £50,000.  

On top of this, your new caravan will depreciate the second you lay down your luggage. Static caravans depreciate at about the same rate as a car, working out at about 15% per year. Newer caravans also lose their value far quicker than older models. Thankfully, buying second-hand allows you to avoid the steep decline in depreciation during those first few years. 

If you’re going down the pre-loved route, there’s an almost endless trawl of online listings to search through, as well as friends, family and even holiday parks to ask around. Essentially, you’ll have just as much choice as if you were buying new, plus the chance to ask sellers what it’s really like to own a specific model. 

Just remember to err on the side of caution when you’re looking at used static caravans for sale, checking for warning signs like rust, damp and debris. Lastly, always confirm that your potential purchase isn’t too old for your chosen pitch - many holiday parks only permit caravans under a set age limit.

More Factors To Consider When Buying A Static Caravan

There are a fair few things to bear in mind (both for your comfort and finances!) before you buy a static caravan.

Size & Berth

A basic but essential criterion, berth refers to the number of people a caravan can sleep. This can range anywhere from two to ten so make sure to choose a holiday home that will accommodate your group, lifestyle, and intentions (smaller caravans might be more difficult to rent out!).

Another important aspect to consider is the amount of living and storage space provided. While a cosy caravan might be appealing from a financial perspective, there’s nothing more stressful than a family struggling to live on top of eachother! 


Where your static caravan is pitched will have a massive influence on your holiday experience so it’s vital to shop around at a variety of locations and find your perfect match. It actually makes sense to choose your location before your caravan, working out what region has stolen your heart and deciding which holiday park has the facilities you need at the price point you can afford. 

Our advice is to visit a bunch of caravan parks, taking note of the layout, facilities, atmosphere and nearby attractions. Chatting to locals, employees and other owners will also give you a real feel for the spot!

On Site Vs. Off Site

Regardless of whether you’ve gone for a new or secondhand static caravan, there’s a good chance that it won’t be on your ideal site. In that case, you’ll have to organise its transport to your preferred park. Depending on the caravan’s current location, transport costs can range from £300- £3,000. 

And that’s not all. You’ll also be charged disconnection fees for things like water supply, drainage and electricity. Your caravan will likely have to be lowered to the ground, have its fixing points removed, be attached to a tow bar and generally manoeuvred around tight spaces, all of which can add an extra few hundred pounds to your bill (Calculate your transport costs here).

On top of all these charges, you’ll need to find out whether your desired caravan park has a spare pitch, if its owners are willing to lease that pitch to you.

The simplest and often most affordable option is to purchase a static caravan on site. If you do this, keep in mind that you’ll probably have to pay the site owner commission on your purchase. While this fee is actually charged to the seller in most cases, they’ll usually pass a portion of it onto the buyer. 

Running Costs

We cannot stress how important it is to understand that your costs don’t disappear once you get the keys to your static caravan. Always double check the terms and conditions of the lease agreement between yourself and the site owners, understanding precisely what you can avail of and what’s expected of you in return. 

Here are some of the key costs to weigh up before you sign on the dotted line:

  • Site fees - you will need to pay rent to your holiday park for using their pitch and services 
  • Local council rates - you will likely contribute a small amount towards your park's total bill for council provisions like water supply, bin collection and sewage systems
  • Gas - you will need to pay to power your caravan’s heating system
  • Electric - you will need to pay to power your caravan’s appliances and outlets

At the absolute cheapest, these expenses might cost you under £1,000. On the other end of the scale, they could add up to £12,000 in a luxury caravan park! In general, you’d expect to pay about £3,000 and £5,000 in standard running fees.


All sorts of static caravan insurance packages are available from a wide variety of providers. The right one for you depends on several factors, so it’s challenging to give a general estimate! That said, here are some pro tips to minimise the cost of static caravan insurance without compromising on coverage:

  • Think about how you plan to use your holiday home – Will you hire out your static caravan or use it exclusively for your own family trips? If the former, you’ll need added protection. If the latter, you can stick to a more standard policy.
  • Work out exactly what assets your insurance package needs to cover, including outdoor belongings like decking (if it’s contained within your pitch). Note that your sums insured is divided into two values: that of your static caravan itself, and that of its contents. 
  • Determine the value of your static caravan before hunting for the most suitable insurance package – this will help to inform your choice between policies that go by either market value or ‘new for old’ value. 

No idea what we’re talking about? Learn more about the ins and outs of static caravan insurance here.

Where Can I Check Out Static Caravan Prices?

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Talk To Your Holiday Park

A lot of parks will be happy to show you a selection of static caravans for sale on site that suit your price bracket (i.e. are affordable given your deposit and monthly payment budget). These holiday homes tend to be pre-owned but sometimes you’ll come across new ones on offer. It all depends on your caravan park of choice.

Get Browsing

From marketplace giants such as Gumtree, News Now, Preloved and eBay to more dedicated platforms like Caravans 4 Sale, Robinsons Caravans or Caravan Autotrader, you’ll find the greatest range of new and secondhand static caravans for sale online. As you scroll through the endless listings, you’ll soon form a better idea of the going prices for different makes, models and designs.

If buying used, remember that the advertised price often includes a caravan’s pitch. In other words, make sure that you look up and love its location.

Consult A Caravan Pro

Whether it’s an old friend, a long-time owner or your local caravan dealership, sitting down with an expert for some solid advice is a great way to discover what sort of holiday homes you can afford. And they might even know how to avail of savvy discounts!

Make A Return On Your Investment!

Now that you have a better understanding of all the costs involved in buying a static caravan, you may want to earn back some of that money sooner rather than later. With Camplify, you can rent out your holiday home when you’re not using it, making up to £500 per week in additional income! Not too shabby.

After creating your Camplify listing, simply sit back, relax and await the booking requests. From there, you’ll have total control over who you hire out your caravan to and when it is available for rent. To find out more, read our Owner FAQs.

Why Rent Out Your Static Caravan On Camplify?

  • Thousands of verified hiring members
  • Listing your caravan is completely free
  • Every hire includes comprehensive insurance cover
  • Each hire requires a £1,000 security bond
  • Receive owner support throughout the whole process
  • Get professional photos taken of your caravan for free
  • Enjoy your own professionally-designed landing page
  • Forget the stress of organising your own advertising
  • Block out dates when you want the caravan to yourself!

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So what is Camplify?

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What does that mean?

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