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How Simon and Steve found a ‘Sweet Spot’ with Camplify Hirers and have earned £1,000s

Thursday 14th March 2019
By Kay Camplify
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By Kay Camplify
Meet one of our listed RV owner teams, Simon Tucktan and Steve Tanner base in Kent. The brothers in law and business partners joined our caravan hire and RV sharing community right at the start of launching Camplify in the UK in September 2017, with just one Pennine trailer tent that they had purchased. Their aim was to use our platform to develop and push their existing business, ‘Tucktan Camper Hire’ and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

As soon as we were ready to reach out and introduce Camplify to hirers for their holidays, the Tucktan guys started receiving bookings immediately and haven’t stopped since. 

Both Simon and Steve have been full of passion for their own growing business as well as Camplify UK’s success and it shows through their commitment to us, the upkeep of their campers and their own customer service and support.

Finding that ‘Sweet Spot’

Simon and Steve have put their heads together to work out their ‘sweet spot’ for pricing to make their trailer tents as appealing as possible for hirers and it seems they’ve found it. With over 90 booking requests under their belts and earning over £10,000 in their first year with us. Bearing in mind their RVs can be hired from just £25 per night, this is a spectacular feat. Their RV’s combined are also our number one for hirer booking requests and Simon and Steve have earned the second most amount of cash out of all of our owners that are listed on Camplify UK to date!

In addition to their prompt response and high engagement with the Camplify platform, they’ve gone above and beyond for their holidaymakers. They always include a little welcome pack which consists of a box of chooccies, tea, coffee, milk and maybe some beer or wine so that hirers don’t head off to the shops as soon as they arrive. And just to be thorough, they leave behind a bible of sorts so that their hirers have all the information they need to enjoy their break away stress-free.


All holidaymakers get the same treatment and are looked after in the same way, making the ‘Tucktan Camper Hire’ experience through Camplify an extremely pleasant and consistent one. We know we can count on the guys to deliver every time.

What Simon and Steve have to say...

“As family members, we were passionate about our joint group family holidays in our folding campers. When Camplify came along we saw the great potential putting our much-loved campers in to hire during those times we weren't using them. 

As soon as we spoke to the team at Camplify we realised this was a great move, They helped us fully understand the process. They do a lot for the hirers listing on their platform to boost your hire income. Everything is covered and looked after, building a great bond between Camplify and the hirer.

Very quickly we realised our unit was popular, we had worked hard to find the right prices and services to offer. We took the plunge and listed our second unit. This was not the end of that and we purchased more units and listed them all on the website to now have a small fleet of campers that we can provide for hire in the UK and have turned a personal interest into a small family run business.

My brother in law and I have always wanted to work in the Camping industry in the UK, we often used to speak as a family about buying a campsite, well now thanks to Camplify we have our own thriving business and have plans to keep growing. Now our dream of a campsite may be ever closer.

Since the start Camplify has grown in strength, we have seen a big increase in our booking requests for 2019 as Camplify’s team work hard on marketing everyone's units. There is a feeling of community amongst the hirers with a dedicated owner's Facebook group we can all share ideas and answer each other's questions.

We are active and passionate about helping others to realise their earning potential with Camplify and go out of our way to help new users to understand how this type of lending platform could work for them also. With Camplify constantly moving forward and improving the system for the hirers now is a perfect time to pump up those caravan tyres, fill the motorhome fuel tank and air your trailer tents ready to earn some extra pocket money for your own holidays.

We look forward to purchasing more units and adding them to our growing fleet, thanks to Camplify.

TuckTan Camper Hire 

Hirer Reviews for Tucktan Folding Campers...

Don’t just listen to us, take it from the hirers that have had the joy of spending their holidays in one of Simon and Steve’s RVs...

“Our first camping experience and we were not let down. Steve and Simon had the Pathfinder set up when I met them and Steve went through the pre-checklist very patiently. The Pathfinder was very spacious and very comfortable. The main area (cabin?) was very quick to heat up especially on the days it rained!! I was expecting a shower as it had been advertised hence the 4 star for accuracy. I would suggest that Simon/Steve also provide bowls as there weren't any. Steve was amazing and reassured us to call him if ever we needed anything which we didn't as that is how well everything went. Thanks for a great experience guys!” - Harwinder Kaur - Camplify Hirer Member - RV 226

“What an amazing experience! The communication was excellent, everything was explained in detail, responses were very quick, facilities were second to none, we felt we were really looked after and had the most fantastic time, even my 73 yr old mum thoroughly enjoyed it. Towards the end we were counting every moment of our holiday.” - Nassira Mirza - Camplify Hirer Member - RV 226

“This was a fantastic trailer tent with everything you need & more!! Simon & Steve have an excellent sense of customer care with the perfect little extra touches (🍫&🍾🍻 👍) and games for the kids, along with a prompt friendly service explaining how everything works in detail for a comfortable stay 😃 The unit itself was roomy and felt spacious with the four of us camping at a festival for 5 days (4 nights), we were able to cook up a full English breakfast in the mornings & evening meals with the cooker & other appliances on board. The awning gave us so much extra space that we used as a dining area to eat together as a family; the awning was also a godsend particularly as it rained quite a bit so I was also able to get our belongings dry. This unit does have a hot shower albeit outside ( I did research this before we hired so were fully informed) we would use it again as it’s really useful for showering off muddy shoes or by putting a windbreaker around for a bit of privacy...... but surely that’s what camping is about isn’t it?!? Overall I would give this service & unit an EXCELLENT all round 👍 we would DEFINITELY recommend to all our friends & families Thank you TuckTan!!!” - Karen Croft - Camplify Hirer Member - RV 610

The Tucktan Folding Campers on Camplify…

So what do these campers look like and where can you book one? Check out all of the Tucktan RV listings below and start planning your next holiday in the UK with Camplify!

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper
- Surrey

You can hire this top of the range RV from just £25 per night and is available with additional extras to ensure your holiday is stress-free. It has full on-board gas and electric and 5-Star reviews from Camplify hirers. Check out the this RV HERE

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper - Louth

The largest folding camper in the UK, a 6 berth. This camper offers modern luxury, without losing the traditional camping feel and comes equipped with everything you would expect from a luxury six berth caravan and you can hire it from just £25 per night HERE.

Here’s a luxury 4 berth folding camper with large windows and ample space for any couple or small family wanting to experience camping in different way. To book this RV from just £25 per night or to find out more click HERE

Pennine Quartz 4 Folding Camper - Essex

Here’s a 4 berth model with integrated appliances and features as well as a large lounge and seating area. This camper provides a very practical layout for couples and small families from just £25 per night. Click HERE to find out more.

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper 2016 - Royston

Another top of the range 6 berth folding camper, fully kitted out with an on-board gas and electric system. An awning is available for a small additional charge. You’ll be surprised just how much space this camper has and it can be hired from just £25 per night. To find out more or to book this RV click HERE

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper - Nottingham

This British built unit boasts both an on-board electric flush toilet/washroom and hot & cold running water. The 6 berth Pennine Pathfinder is the largest, flagship, top of the range folding camper model in the UK.  Book this camper HERE

Because of Simon and Steve’s continued engagement and support for Camplify UK, we’ve made them one of our Expert Owner Community Managers who’ll help us to guide like minded owners in the direction of earning money from their investments. A massive thank you to the both of you and here’s to a cracking 2019!

If you would like to find out more about Simon and Steve or how you too can work with Camplify to provide hirers with amazing experiences (and turn your RV into a profitable investment in the process) contact the team today on 0330 808 1811.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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Steve Tucktan

Apr 11, 00:35 AM

Thank you Camplify, We are always happy to help any potential owner realise the great opportunity just waiting for them and their RV

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