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Join Clare and Tim On Their Journey With Camplify To Create Unique Travel Experiences.

Wednesday 24th July 2019
By Neil Fahey
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By Neil Fahey

The West Cornwall location may be the perfect starting point for those hiring their vans but making the move to the Cornwall farm was perfect for Clare and Tim’s family, too. They had always dreamed of having a small farm where they could live peacefully and sustainably, and the freedom of Camplify’s booking system allows them to run a campervan rental business without compromising on a country lifestyle. With their herd of alpacas having just arrived on their property, Clare says that the money they make from Camplify is helping to build another unique travel experience - a luxury campsite on their property, complete with an edible hiking trail, natural swimming pool, hot tub and rescue animals. That herd of alpacas is just the beginning.

Olive and Blossom, Clare and Tim’s first two vans, provide a classic retro camping and festival experience. Blossom is a VW Westfalia Camper, renowned in VW circles for providing the classic VW feel with all the room you need for a family camping trip. She sleeps two adults in the back, but also features a sleeping compartment for two children upstairs. Clare and Tim have taken a lot of care to restore Blossom to her 1973 glory, and you can see their passion in every tiny detail of this gorgeous vehicle.

Blossom comes fully equipped with a two-burner gas stove, a small fridge, sink and water tank. With the roof popped, there is enough room to stand up, get changed and stretch out if need be. The modernisations that Clare and Tim have performed are subtle but necessary and will add to the ease of your camping experience - modern three-point safety seatbelts, a 240v mains electric hook up and heating, and a Sony sound system with Bluetooth, USB, and hands-free calling. Blossom is a vibrant orange colour that stands out from the crowd - perfect if you are taking her to a festival for a night or two.

Olive, Blossom’s sister van, has been Clare and Tim’s other main restoration project since moving out to their farm. Olive has the same classic retro look as Blossom, and VW enthusiasts will gush over the expertly restored and maintained interior. With a full-size bed downstairs, and also a pop top for extra standing room and sleeping space for kids aged up to 11, Olive comes with all the modern conveniences necessary to travel in comfort and style. Just like Blossom, Olive comes with a two-burner stove, a fridge, sink, water tank and heating system. The main point of difference between Olive and Blossom is Olive’s slightly bigger, meatier 2-litre air-cooled engine. which means Olive gets just that little bit more oomph.

Spurred on by the success they have had with their first two campers, Clare and Tim have recently added another vehicle to their fleet - the newer and more modern Dobby. Dobby is a Volkswagen Transporter with a Turbo Diesel engine, power steering an assisted breaking - meaning that while he might not have the same retro charm as the older VW’s, he makes driving long trips a breeze and is perfect for those who would feel more confident behind the wheel of a modern vehicle. Being the modern guy he is, Dobby comes with all the luxuries you will need, including a well-equipped kitchen with a fridge, dual burner cooker hob and a large sink. 

Clare and Tim brought Dobby into their Happy Camper family in response to an increasing demand for a more modern vehicle in their fleet. While Dobby has no shortage of bookings, it’s Blossom and Olive who remain the flagships of the business. “We are finding out the people who book with us are a mixture of either experienced VW fans who have driven the old style vans before and are looking to buy one, or people who want the experience of road tripping around Cornwall and staying in an iconic classic camper van”, says Clare.

All of Clare and Tim’s vehicles are available to be picked up from their property, where you can check out the luxury campsite they’ve got in the works and say hello to the alpacas before heading off on your trip. Both Olive and Blossom have additional extras that can be provided on request for an extra cost, like a drive away awning (which can also provide extra sleeping room for additional guests), a bike rack, and bedding.

“We try to go the extra mile with our hires, from offering to pick them up at a train station to a complimentary Cornish cream tea,” Clare says. They also make sure their vans are stocked with all the little things that will help your holiday run more smoothly, including playing cards, a campervan cookbook, torch, and essentials like washing liquid, salt and pepper, and bin bags.

With three vans and their campsite, it’s clear Tim and Clare know a thing or two about luxury travel, van life and how to have your best adventure holiday. Hiring a van through Camplify connects you to local owners and gives you access to a wealth of local information and travel options that can be tailored to you. For passionate van owners like Tim and Clare, it means a way to make money on your vehicle while you’re not using it, and an opportunity to share your love of travel and local knowledge with people on the brink of their own holiday adventure.

Interested to find out how you could earn money from your RV and become a van-trepreneur like Clare and Tim? check out our owners page.

Looking to live the van life in style but not sure how to support the costs of owning your dream campervan? Like thousands of other passionate van owners signed up through Camplify, Clare and Tim have found a way to do just that – they’ve turned their dreams into a money-earning reality through private motorhome hire. 

Camplify provides an easy, low-risk way to hire out your vehicle and helps you share your dream with other like-minded adventurers.

Two years ago, Clare and Tim decided the only way to fulfil their passion for restoring and travelling in VW campervans was to dive right in, feet first. They took the plunge and moved themselves and their kids, Dennis and Sam, to a small farm in West Cornwall. From there, they began the epic journey of restoring two classic 1973 VW campers. Fast forward to now, those two campers - Blossom and Olive - are available for hire from Camplify and are suitable for anything from a one-night camping trip to a multi-day trek across the countryside.

If hitting the Cornwall countryside is what you are after, Clare and Tim are the perfect people to touch base with before you go. “We love meeting new families, being a part of their adventures and sharing hidden gems with each other,” Clare says. With an extensive local knowledge of the area, they’ll be happy to direct you to the best off-the-beaten-track spots and help you make the most out of your van life experience. “We feel very lucky to have such beautiful places on our doorstep.” Among their favourites are the idyllic camping spots at the Lizard, the stunning Trebah and Glendurgan Gardens, and beach adventures at Prussia Cove and Praa Sands. Indeed, Cornwall has something to offer every kind of traveller, from historic castles and World Heritage sites to surfing, cycling and cliff top walks.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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lomond motorhome

Jul 30, 21:11 PM

Impelling! Yours words literally expressing the adventurous lifestyle. I love the flow!

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