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Our Pet Friendly Holiday Checklist

Wednesday 24th January 2018
By Kay Knight
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By Kay Knight
Taking your pets on holiday with you in the UK is the perfect way to experience those well-deserved adventures as a whole family - not only that but it will save you tons of money on kennel fees! Our pets are integral members of the family just like you or me so it’s important to make sure you prepare for a pet friendly holiday in as much detail as you would for yourself. They’ll obviously have different needs and wants that will need to be fulfilled, but where to start? We’ve put together some advice and a checklist of things to consider when taking your pet on a holiday in the UK and beyond.

Booking your pet friendly holiday

Doggie motorhome holiday

It’s all well and good finding the perfect accommodation to go on holiday but if you’ve decided to take along your beloved four-legged friend you’ll need to make sure that the accommodation that you’ve chosen is a) suitable for pets and b) that pets are accepted inside the property. Like Camplify, there should be clear indications that an accommodation is pet friendly, but be sure to watch out for extra charges. If you’re staying on a holiday park in the UK, there may be limitations of what breeds of dog are allowed on the park, so be sure to check their pet policy.

Health and well-being of your pet on holiday

It’s extremely important to make sure your pet is in good health before you go on your travels, so be prepared for all sorts of eventualities - it could really pay off if your pet were to fall ill or get hurt whilst you’re away. Is your pet due to have their flea or worming treatments? It may be worth getting it done before your holiday so that your pet is as comfortable as can be. Plus, if your pet is infected with any parasites and you hadn’t realised, it’s not nice for others using the accommodation after you. Sickness pills and calming scents can also be used on your journey to help keep your pet feel as at ease as they can be in a new environment. Your pet may already be on certain medications so make sure you bring it along with you and that there is enough to last you your entire holiday.

Before travelling with your pet

To make it a more pleasant experience for both you and your pet, there are a few things we suggest:

  • Feed your pet a decent sized meal at least a couple of hours before you set off so that they don’t get too hungry en-route. But be sure to take a few snacks just in case - this can help to distract them from being in the car if they find it difficult.

  • Take a route to your destination where there are plenty of places to stop and stretch your legs and for those all-important toilet breaks that you’ll all need at some point or another.

  • Toys are a good way to keep pets occupied on a particularly long journey, although you may want to leave the noisy ones packed away in the boot so you can concentrate on the driving!

  • It might be worth checking out whether there is any existing dog walks near to where you are staying. Check out our blog post to see if we’ve already found one in the area.

Pet Friendly Holiday Checklist


Bring their bed and blankets that they usually sleep in so that their new environment isn’t so daunting for them. It gives them those all-important familiar smells of home along to keep them relaxed the whole time. Let them sniff out their surroundings and have a good old nose so they can get used to it whilst re-assuring them with treats and some good old petting.


Their favourite toys are a must and maybe even a couple of new ones that might get them excited or distract them if they are feeling anxious. If you’ve got kids and they get bored (as they always do, even though there’s a million and one things to do), you can get them busy playing with the dogs.


  • Bowls

  • Leads and collars

  • Jackets for adverse weather if they have them

  • Their favourite food

  • Poop scoop or bags to clean up any mess

  • They are on an adventure, just like you, so be sure to bring any cleaning and grooming supplies in case they get a bit muddy or dusty whilst out exploring.

  • Bring spares of whatever you can - if you can fit it all in the car!


Just to be sure that you have everything covered, make sure your pet has an identification tag on their collar so that if they do have the opportunity to wander off, you can be contacted easily. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Anything else?

Yes, don’t forget to have an amazing pet friendly holiday and be sure to take loads of pics of you and your pooch, we’d love to see them!

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