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Rental Nightmares And Crazy Insurance Claims

Saturday 19th August 2017
By Kay Knight
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By Kay Knight
If you currently rent out your RV or have been thinking about it, make sure you know what you could be letting yourself in for. We’ve compiled some of the rental nightmares that caravan and property owners have found themselves in with nightmare guests. Of course, we don’t expect these things to happen to you but you need to remember that there will always be those that try and test you to your limits.

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Nightmares from the caravan community

  • Holidaymakers outstaying their welcome - Holiday parks often have to get bailiffs to send them on their way. This can cause stress for the staff and others trying to enjoy their break away.

  • A bit extreme but we’ve heard about caravan and motorhome owners that have literally had to give their RVs a complete steam clean from top to bottom just because of the residual stinky food smell left behind from the previous guest.

  • Missing inventory is a common issue. Whilst it’s obligatory to take the complimentary shampoo and shower cap from a hotel room, stealing someone’s tableware, cutlery and even toilet seats from their beloved holiday home (yes, I said toilet seats!), takes it a bit too far.

  • Bedwetting isn’t such a big deal when it’s one of your own kids in your own home but when someone expects you not to notice the putrid smell and not charge you for it is simply ridiculous.

  • Disgusting but true and a real issue that many caravan owners have come across during their time hiring out – is some very unladylike ‘women’ out there leaving used female sanitary products under beds and inside cupboards of holiday rentals. Come on ladies, this is NOT OK!

  • Now, breakages are unavoidable when you’re hiring out to the likes of young families but we heard from one owner that after a particularly long hire, they received an email from the guests to say that they had unfortunately broken every single plate and quite a few of the cups! Luckily, they fessed up and replaced the entire contents of the tableware cupboard with a brand new matching set. Other owners haven’t been so lucky.

  • We’ve seen tons comments online around private hire customers dealing with rude and unhelpful staff at holiday parks. The cleaners that are employed through them have been criticised for the quality of work they carry out and have really affected some families and their holiday experiences. You’d expect the company you pay for this service would pull it off without a hitch but sometimes it’s clearly better to make other arrangements.

  • This shocking YouTube video of some of the craziness Airbnb hosts have had to deal with will make your eyes water.

Caravan insurance claim madness

Caravan insurance claim madness

Insurance company Caravan Guard has even pulled together some of their most stand-out claims for caravans; you won’t believe a few of them:

Caravan guard’s Crazy Caravan Insurance Claims

  • In 2003 a cow fell off a cliff onto someone’s caravan at a holiday park in Devon! I mean, can you imagine coming back to your caravan and discovering that? Erm…Nope!

  • Out of 117 claims of damage caused by hailstorms, 97 of them happened on exactly the same day. The 28th of June 2012 must have been a pretty busy day for insurance companies to cause over £500,000 worth of damage to caravans alone all. The guardian reported that one twitter user called LL Cool A tweeted: "1pm – it's dark, there's thunder, there's lightning, there's rain, there's wind and there's hailstones the size of golf balls! #ImScared."

  • Four claims were for Caravans hit by fireworks. Safety first people!

  • There were three very specific claims that pheasants had flown at caravans causing over £2000 in damage. One way to get a cheap dinner – wink!

  • Worrying about pheasants flying into your caravan is one thing, but bullets are a whole other ballgame. Had these owners set up camp on an angry farmer’s field without their permission or something?!

  • A surprising two cases were linked to people on space hoppers causing the damage claimed for. It must have been one hell of a party.

  • Our firm favourite is the case of the hungry horse. This equestrian beauty must have had a great set of teeth and a bit of determination to chew their way through a caravan, maybe it was a pregnancy craving but who knows.

Saga Caravan Insurance has dealt with some pretty unbelievable claims too.

  • A storage facility let one owner know that their RV had been broken into over the winter whilst they weren’t using it. When they arrived to assess the situation, they discovered a whole heap of chaos had occurred; this sly fox of a thief had literally caused untold damage to the interior of their caravan by ripping out multiple fixtures and fittings as well as stealing the fridge and of all things, the toilet! Over £7,000 worth of goods taken and unnecessary damage caused.

  • A £2,000 claim was put in by one policyholder because of their naughty neighbour. Most likely enjoying their afternoon at home, the owner glanced out of their window to a worrying sight – their next door neighbour using a blowtorch to get rid of some relentless weeds. Well that’s one way to do it, just make sure there isn’t a caravan parked right next to them! Honest mistake or a case of revenge? We’ll let you decide on that one.

  • An unsuspecting owner parked their motorhome on the driveway for the evening in preparation to give it for a good old clean the next day – unbeknownst to the owner, somehow some unruly wheelie bins crashed into their caravan multiple times overnight. It’s not clear if they did it all by themselves or if they had help but they must have been the big and heavy enough to create £4,000 worth of damage – eek!

Tips to help protect you

are you covered

When it comes to hiring out your holiday RV it’s very hard to tell what your guests are going to be like. Here are some things to look out for and ways to avoid some of the nightmares, no matter how rare or unlikely they might be.

  • If you’re caravan is in storage, go and check it regularly. Not all damage is visible from the outside. If there’s a leak they won’t see it and if you don’t visit for a while there’s potential for more damage to be caused in that time – more money!

  • Although insurance is not a legal requirement – would you really want to leave yourself wide open to huge costs including the value of your caravan?

  • You’ll need Public Liability Insurance (normally included in your caravan insurance policy).

  • Take all your valuables out of your RV before you store it or leave it unattended for long periods of time.

  • Invest in anti-theft devices like wheel locks, alarms, cameras inside to catch a thief.

  • Set out clear expectations and rules for your guests and consequences of not following them.

  • If you’re hiring out your touring caravan or trailer tent, make sure your hirer has the right licence and a tow bar.

  • Give tips on towing and how to avoid overturning.

  • Speak to your guest directly through the platform you use to hire out your RV – don’t feel like you have to approve everyone.

  • Create an emergency response plan – Be prepared!

In light of the rental nightmare experiences above our advice is that you make sure you’re protected for every eventuality, no matter how crazy or unlikely it may seem! However, don’t let this put you off, often people will come back to you again and again and you’ll want to accept them - friendships can even be forged through hiring out your RV.

Here at Camplify we can give you tips on how to avoid facing some of the horror stories above and cover you with all the insurance you need to make things right if anything does happen. Contact us on 0330 808 1811 or visit us at to register you RV and reap the benefits of hiring out.

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