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Why The Sharing Economy And Your Caravan Make Perfect Sense

Friday 18th August 2017
By Kay Knight
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By Kay Knight
The consumer peer to peer rental market (or ‘collaborative economy’) is big business with new services and platforms emerging all the time. This explosion of the sharing economy over recent years comes down to the fact that people want to take more control of all aspects of their lives. Instead of being victims of ‘hyper consumption’, where you simply follow the rules and behaviours set out by a business, there’s a real need for everyday consumers to understand and decide wholly on all aspects of their purchases and activities. The want to do things, buy things, and enjoy things in your own unique way by choosing what they are and how they work, based on your preferences, is becoming more and more important to consumers all over the globe interested in the sharing economy.

Find out how much your caravan can earn you

Pioneers of the ‘sharing epidemic’

sharing economy

Companies such as and allow great small businesses and individuals to list their services on their sites in order to reach out to customers looking for exactly what they have to offer. Whilst other well-known collaborative platforms like UBER for transport services, Etsy for goods, DogVaycay for pet sitters and dog walkers have taken the idea of sharing to a different level, some really think outside the box.

Big names in the holiday section of the peer to peer sharing market include the likes of Airbnb who offer to connect over 160 million holidaymakers to their perfect accommodations and destinations across the world. Currently there are 3 million property listings on Airbnb worldwide and that number just keeps growing!

Other names include HomeAway, Flipkey and; all accessible to holidaymakers worldwide. For the UK domestic holiday market, Hoseasons, Sykes Cottages and stand out as a few of the key players but there’s no one that offers a high level of wealth, knowledge and capabilities when it comes to peer to peer RV hire, until now that is…

…Camplify is born

Camplify’s original success sparked from the brainchild of a team of Aussie camping & caravanning lovers, which proved to be in high demand and quickly became the ‘Airbnb of caravans’ in Australia. Camplify has now been brought to the UK and connects holidaymakers wanting to take control of their precious family moments with caravan, motorhome and campervan owners all over the United Kingdom who want to make the most out of their purchase when it’s not in use.

Benefits for both owners and holidaymakers include:


  • A way to avoid storage fees (incl. maintenance from laying idol/extra security/additional insurance)

  • A way to earn money when you’re not using your RV

  • Potential earnings for hiring out a motorhome (Adria Coral Plus) is £12,200 a year*, Caravan (Adria Altea) is £8,600 a year*, Campervan (Adria Twin 540 SPT) is £10,620 a year*

  • Between 6% and 12% commission

  • Free to list your RV

  • The holidaymaker comes to you

  • You choose when you hire it out

  • You choose who you hire out to

  • All holidaymakers are approved by you beforehand

*average earnings based on hiring out 160 off-peak and 60 peak nights of the year.


  • Can tailor your holiday each and every step of the way – you’re in control

  • Endless suggestions for your holiday – locations, routes, tips and guides

  • We can find you a holiday hire at a location of your choice - i.e. find the RV’s closest to you

  • Insurance included

  • Short term and long term hire available

  • Roadside assistance is provided

  • Easy booking process

  • You can contact the owner directly

  • Off you go!

Why it makes sense to share your caravan

key to success

According to the National Caravan Council (NCC) there are over 1 million registered RV’s and caravans in the UK.  Over £1.8 billion was spent on caravan holidays across Great Britain in 2013 alone and has therefore since been a huge contributor towards UK tourism. More than 51 million nights are spent in caravans each year but due to work commitments and life generally getting in the way of holiday dreams, people only actually use their own RV for a fraction of the year! Becoming an owner is often seen as a great investment but you’ll soon come to realise that you don’t use it half as much as you thought or hoped you would.

So, whilst you’re RV is lying idle, you could be racking up the costs of storage and maintenance. Factors like flat and eroded tyres, exterior worn by weather if not undercover, the risk of it being stolen, paying for added security, extra insurance and even damage to your RV that isn’t found straight away have to be taken into consideration. You’ll also be paying for servicing, MOT, insurance and general repairs so hiring out your RV could go a long way towards recouping some of those costs. If you’re one of those owners letting your purchase go to waste, why not join forces with Camplify to get the most out of it?

There really is a market out there for people wanting to hire out touring and static caravans, motorhomes and campervans; mainly because they’re seen as convenient, fun & quirky ways to explore parts of the country and they’re suitable for the whole family.  Research collected by the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show states that a whopping 15 million+ caravan and camping trips were taken by adults in the UK in 2016 and expected rises over the next few years would bring Great Britain’s camping and caravanning holiday market worth to over £3.2billion. Why not be part of it?

Breakdown of registered RVs in the UK

  • 555,000 touring caravans

  • 365,000 caravan holiday homes

  • 225,000 motorhomes

  • = over 1 million leisure caravans

  • In addition, there are approximately 112,000 residential park homes in use.

Earn yourself some money!

Despite the make and model, age and condition of your RV the earning potential can be favourable as you can see from the examples above. It can well outweigh the costs of running, storing and maintaining your RV each year, whilst a little initial investment may be needed to get it ready for hiring out to guests. Your earnings for hiring out can even help offset your monthly payments if you’ve bought through finance. Our online calculator can help you set your hiring prices and work out what you could expect to earn based on how much of year you’d like to share your holiday RV.

If you’ve got a static caravan sited at a holiday park, this can be the option you choose when deciding to hire your caravan or lodge out privately. Park operators will often take full control of bookings, marketing and cleaning whilst charging a much higher commission than if you partner up with sharing platform, meaning you’ll see less of the profit from your hires. See our top tips every static caravan owner should know before hiring out their caravan.

Let us help you make the most out of your sharing experience at Camplify, the ‘Airbnb of caravans in the UK’.

So what is Camplify?

We are the UK's fastest-growing peer-to-peer caravan hire and RV sharing community. Camplify is just like Airbnb, but for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, trailer tents and lodges. We connect RV owners with holidaymakers in a safe and secure sharing environment. It's free to list and we take care of insurance and breakdown cover while your RV is out on hire.

Curious to learn what you could earn hiring out your RV on Camplify? Try our free hire income calculator via the button below.

Find out how much your caravan can earn you

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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