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Should I Rent Out My Static Caravan?

Tuesday 25th February 2020
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power

Discover The World Of Static Caravan Hire With Confidence

Simple, safe and lucrative, renting out your static caravan when it would otherwise lie sad and empty is a no-brainer! That said, feeling a bit reserved about hiring out one of your most valuable assets is completely normal, especially if you’re new to the game. 

Maybe this beloved holiday home has been in your family for as long as you can remember, and this is your first time sharing it with strangers. Or perhaps you’ve invested a big chunk of your savings in a shiny new static caravan and want it to remain in pristine condition. Whatever your story, rent it out right and any concerns will melt away as the pounds come rolling in (we’re talking up to £500 per week!). 

Essentially, you need to make sure it will be permitted, practical, profitable and protected. Does your holiday park allow private rentals? Will you be available to manage bookings? How much should you charge per night? Does your static caravan insurance policy include hire cover?

Fear not - figuring this all out is easy. From location appeal to legal obligations, we’ve compiled a list of the considerations you should take into account before hiring out your holiday home. Equipped with the below food for thought, you’ll be able to ‘rentify’ your static caravan in no time!

Is Renting Out Right For You?

Your Static Caravan

The great news is that there’s market demand for every type of static caravan, be it big or small, budget or luxury. Basically, your holiday home’s characteristics (think berth, design and features) will determine your potential customer base. 

Larger, more spacious static caravans are the go-to for families and friend groups, while snugger units attract those looking for a romantic getaway or cheap and cheerful minibreak. The same logic goes for your static caravan’s amenities - some renters prefer the simplicity of fewer frills, while others want to be treated to all of the bells and whistles.

So, is your static caravan a cosy, relaxing retreat, a fun, kid-friendly space or a plush, elegant escape?

Once you know your target hirer, you can customise your static caravan to boost its rental appeal! The most effective way to get insights, tips and tricks is simply to chat about your potential side hustle with family and friends, colleagues and neighbours - or better yet, caravan-specific Facebook groups and other owners who are already in the business!

Your Availability

The joys of the internet mean that you can rent out your static caravan from anywhere in the world! But you’ll still need to have a certain degree of flexibility in your day-to-day routine. While you can accept bookings from your sitting room sofa, it’s important to note that you’ll still need to be accessible throughout the week for any queries and calls from potential or current hirers. 

You’ll also have to stay on top of standard admin tasks like uploading listing information and managing your caravan’s maintenance, but none of this should take up too much of your time. Provided you’ve got a few minutes to spare here and there, renting out your caravan will be a piece of cake.

Your Location, Holiday Park & Site Owner

Holidaymakers choose location before accommodation. Are you near any cultural hotspots, renowned hiking trails or sweeping beaches? Does your holiday park offer peaceful serenity or exciting activities for all ages? The surrounding area and its local attractions will have a big influence on the type and amount of hirers your listing attracts!

But even if you’re pitched in a holiday hotspot, there’s a chance that your caravan park could be a bit hesitant towards private rentals. What’s more, your pitch agreement might state you need to consult the site owner if planning to enter the rental scene. So double check that you’re permitted to rent out your static caravan before the first hirer rocks up. Luckily, for every park and site owner that prohibits private rentals, there are many more who will welcome it. 

Your Legal Requirements

Of course, you should only rent out your static caravan if it is legal to do so. Don’t play with fire. As soon as you accept that booking, you’ll have a legal obligation to comply with the below regulations:

  • You must subject your static caravan to an annual gas safety test, displaying the landlord gas safety certificate you receive somewhere inside.
  • You must subject any electrical items (e.g. kettles, DVD players etc.) to an annual portable appliance test.
  • You must have your electrical wiring system tested every 3 years, attaining a fixed electrical installation certificate.
  • You must have a functional smoke alarm installed.
  • You must have a functional carbon monoxide alarm installed.
  • You must store a fire blanket AND fire extinguisher.

Laws concerning caravan safety are not only complex but altered frequently to reflect the owner’s increasing accountability. That’s why you should always do your homework, researching the fine print of each regulation on numerous sites. Better safe than sorry!

And while not a legal obligation in the U.K., it’s vital to double check in advance that your static caravan insurance policy covers your unit in the event of an incident during its hire. With potential risks from theft and injury to loss of rental income, it pays to be protected. 

Discover the top static caravan insurance providers for 2020 here.

Your Running Costs

There’s little point in a side hustle with no hustle. Luckily, there’s a lot of money to be made by hiring out your static caravan - as each booking brings in more pounds, your rental expenses are unlikely to ever exceed your income. 

That said, it’s still important to be fully aware of your running costs because many will increase each time your static caravan is used. Here are a few expenses to consider:

  • Cleaning fees between every rental
  • Electricity charges for when hirers stay
  • Gas charges for when hirers stay
  • Wear and tear expenses from additional use
  • Added cost of hire cover on your insurance policy (more on this later)
  • Advertising costs (again, we’ll chat more about this below!)

Provided you can set a rental rate that covers these running costs (and then some!), you’ll be good to go. 

Of course, this price will depend on your static caravan’s berth, design and features, as well as holiday park facilities and general location. For example, owners on Camplify are hiring out two berth static caravans for up to £80 per night, while eight berths are listed for as much as £150! 

Perks Of Hiring Out Your Static Caravan Through Camplify

What about safety and security, effort and expertise? This is your pride and joy, after all! With Camplify, you can trade niggling worries for specialist support throughout the entire rental process. Our online platform offers a free listing tool, access to thousands of vetted hirers, easy bookings, protected payments and comprehensive insurance cover for every hire. 

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

We understand the trepidation that comes with handing over your caravan’s keys. That’s why we’ve implemented careful measures to ensure your property is in safe hands with every hire. 

Our advanced platform connects you with vetted, peer-reviewed hirers, requiring your direct approval to confirm a booking request. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to accept. And when it’s time to settle up, our secure payment system means that you can trust your transactions are completely protected. 

Last but not least, every single one of our hires is covered by comprehensive static caravan insurance in the rare event that something goes wrong. So you can rest easy with a risk-free rental!

Leave It To The Pros

If you’re put off by the idea of committing lots of time and effort to advertising and arranging your rental, Camplify is the perfect solution. Once you upload your listing, we’ll take the wheel. Search filters will display your static caravan to any suitable holidaymaker, while our quick and secure booking system means no stressful scheduling or chasing payments. 

Maximise Your Rental Income

The raison d’être of every rental venture, you can make big money on top of your day job by sharing your static caravan through Camplify. With a massive caravan sharing community, handy guides and simple online platform, there’s no better way to get those bookings flying in! 

So there you have it. As long as you’ve done your homework to make sure you don’t break any rules or skip key steps, hiring out your static caravan is pretty much always a great idea. But enough talk - sign up today to discover just how easy and profitable it really is! Your only regret will be not having created a listing sooner.

So what is Camplify?

We are the UK’s largest caravan & motorhome RV sharing community, helping connect thousands of holidaymakers with RV owners.

What does that mean?

Essentially, we provide a unique sharing service where owners of caravans, camper trailers,
motorhomes, and campervans list their RV for hire while not in use. 

As an owner, this enables you to earn over £10,000 each year instead of having your RV just sitting around while you’re not using it.

As a holidaymaker, Camplify helps you find an RV that is perfect for you so you can experience the joys of caravanning - without having to own one yourself.

Interested? Learn more about Camplify here.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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