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Simon and Cheryl earned £10,000 in their first year and now they're on the road to pure profit

Friday 24th May 2019
By David Hennessy
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By David Hennessy
Simon and Cheryl have been members ever since Camplify launched in the UK. Initially they bought their first caravan as a more luxurious accommodation option for a summer festival they attended. They planned to sell it on after but little did they know they’d go on to buy a bigger caravan and a motorhome too. 

After the couple experienced the freedom that caravanning offers, they were hooked! 

However, instead of having their caravan sit on their drive for the other 46 weeks of the year they came to the conclusion it would be a better idea to hire it out and earn some extra cash to go towards more holidays and maintaining the caravan. 

By choosing Camplify’s platform they would no longer identify as “fairly new to the caravanning scene” but rather seasoned caravanning fleet owners, receiving a steady flow of bookings with no intention of slowing down. 

Meeting demand 
“It appears the caravanning bug is contagious – six customers who hired our caravan last year have already made bookings again for this summer!” Simon says.

With the UK’s booming holiday market, they rose to the demand for others to take full advantage of the hidden gems dotted around the South of England. Situated in a great central spot for holidaymakers wanting to explore Dorset and Devon to name a few.

Less than a year later, they’ve received £10,000 worth of booking requests and have created a new spin-off career and revenue stream.

By being a part of the sharing economy, they’ve triumphed alongside Camplify UK and the team since the beginning. And as role models in the management of their growing fleet on the peer-to-peer sharing platform, we hope that Simon and Cheryl will continue to be ambassadors for our brand.

Thanks to investing in another caravan and a motorhome they are now all set to make over £15,000 this year!

“We expect that within a couple of years of making our first purchase our total investment will have paid for itself and we’ll be earning pure profit”. Simon says

If you wish to get more in depth with their story, you’re in luck as this week we put them in touch with iNews to let them tell their story and showcase our growing Camplify UK community:

Hirer Reviews for Simon and Cheryl’s RVs...

Simon and Cheryl have taken their place on the main stage through the Camplify podium. They’ve been able to achieve 5 star reviews across their whole fleet, adding a personal touch to their listings by meeting and sharing the joys of caravanning with other families, and the feeling is mutual:

“Simon was extremely helpful friendly and accommodating. Duke was perfect for what we needed. Easy to drive. Very comfy bed... And the heating was invaluable as weather was chilly. Def would hire Duke again” Julie says RV 1066

“Simon was a pleasure to deal with from the off. Caravan is beautiful and was a godsend to stay in. I can highly recommend both.” Kev says RV 434

“Everything was perfect, just as described. Simon was brilliant and very helpful. We would definitely recommend this site and Ava. Thank you very much Simon We had a great stay in Ava x” Claudia says… RV 253

Meet the fleet on Camplify…

So what do these RVs look like and where can you book one? Check out all of the Lovering fleet listings below and start planning your next holiday in the UK with Camplify!

Ava - Worthing - from £45 per night

You can hire this ‘lovingly restored’ caravan from just £45 per night and is available with additional extras to ensure your holiday is stress-free. It has one double bed, 2 bunks for the kids and the option to increase the space with an awning. Only 5-Star reviews from Camplify hirers for this beautiful caravan. Check out the ‘Ava’ HERE

This ‘one-off’ caravan is a beautiful rarity with a large double power shower, fixed bed, 2 bunks and luxury kitchen. Book your break in ‘Stealth’ today.

Duke - Worthing - from £60 per night

This motorhome has everything you need for a family escape with all the conveniences of home. Secure your bikes to the rack and get ready for an adventure in ‘Duke’. Check out ‘Duke’ HERE

If you would like to find out more about Simon and Cheryl or how you too can work with Camplify to provide hirers with amazing experiences (and turn your RV into a profitable investment in the process) contact the team today on 0330 808 1811.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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