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Static Caravan Insurance Providers: Top Picks For 2020

Tuesday 25th February 2020
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power
As the name suggests, a static caravan stays in one place for pretty much its entire lifetime. And a permanent pitch brings more home comforts and facilities, from central heating and double glazing to free-standing furniture and timber decking. So if you’ve purchased this type of holiday home (plus all of the bells and whistles), it’s time to safeguard your investment with static caravan insurance.

While you’re under no legal obligation to insure your static caravan, holiday parks across the U.K. almost always require their tenants to do so. Thankfully, you’re welcome to shop around and weigh up various providers and packages to make sure your policy is the perfect fit. 

Not sure where to begin? Below, we’ve put together some handy insurance advice and recommendations to help you find the best coverage for your caravan! 

What Should Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

New for Old Vs. Market Value

Static caravan insurance falls under two main categories:

  • Reinstatement (New for Old) replaces your original caravan with its new model. You’ll need to insure for the total amount of this new unit.
  • Indemnity (Market Value) replaces your original caravan with a unit of a similar age and model. You’ll need to insure for the market value of your current caravan.

Clearance & Re-Siting

This coverage relates to the cost of getting your static caravan back in action - think debris removal, pitch reinstatement, service disconnection and reconnection, and re-siting.

It’s possible you’ll be asked for this figure when taking out your policy. With fees ranging from £1,500 to £5,000 and varying depending on the degree of damage, nature of delivery etc., it’s a great idea to ask your park for advice. 

Pro tip: some policies incorporate an allowance for this cost free-of-charge, so you won’t have to spend a penny!


Any permanent fixtures are included in your caravan’s coverage. That said, if you have valuable items like televisions, lamps and free-standing furniture inside your holiday home, make sure to take out contents cover!

Public Liability

This one is an absolute must, and therefore included as standard in almost every policy. Essentially, it protects you if you are ever held responsible by a third party for loss, damage or injury at the park. 

Say your park’s groundskeeper falls on your steps and breaks his leg. If he files a claim against you, your insurer will appoint solicitors to take care of the case for you. 

This cover is particularly important thanks to the U.K’s  ‘no win – no fee’ custom, so don’t settle for coverage under £2,000,000.


Given you’re likely to spend only a few weeks a year in your static caravan, it makes complete sense to rent it out when it’s not in use. Why not discover the lucrative world of static caravan hire and earn up to £500 per week in extra income? 

But before you accept that first booking request, take out additional cover against accidental or intentional damage and theft whilst your holiday home is on hire - events which aren’t included in a standard policy. 


Theft is an understandable concern for owners who have to leave their static caravans unattended for sustained periods of time. No matter how safe your holiday park feels, it’s always a smart idea to go for a policy that includes theft and attempted theft as standard. That way, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are insured against such loss or damage.

Keys & Locks

Lost your keys again? Lots of policies offer the added option of insuring against misplaced or stolen keys, covering your caravan’s external lock replacement. That means no more broken windows or holidays cut short!

Winter Protection

Although a winning combination of comfort, space and convenience, your static caravan is only designed for temporary inhabitation. In fact, your holiday park might even impose a ban on year-round occupation.

So before you wave goodbye to your holiday home, switch off its water supply and drain it down properly. Then you can be covered against freeze and frost damage throughout the colder seasons!

Storm and Flood Damage

Don’t underestimate the wrath of our weather here in the U.K.! Storm and flood damage can lead to a myriad of issues for your static caravan, so your policy should cover it as standard (if the pitch is located in a high risk flood area, your coverage might be conditional on extra terms, like the provision of flotation devices). 

Static Caravan Insurers You Can Count On

Leisuredays Static Caravan Insurance

2019 Defaqto rating: *****
Review Centre rating: 93%

Leisuredays is really hitting the nail on the head when it comes to providing first-rate policies to static caravan owners. Backed by RSA, you can expect fair prices, generous coverage and unparalleled customer service.
Policy highlights:
  • 24-hour claims helpline
  • Debris removal and re-siting up to £10,000
  • Legal expenses up to £100,000
  • Public liability insurance up to £5,000,000
  • Emergency accommodation cover up to £75 a day
  • Keys and lock cover up to £500
  • Ground rent cover up to £2,500
  • Fatal accident benefit up to £25,000
  • Loss of rent cover with £250 excess

NACO (National Association of Caravan Owners) Insurance

Feefo rating: 4.9/5

With policies underwritten at Lloyds of London, NACO promises to negotiate exclusive policy terms, ensuring only the best rates for its members.

Policy highlights:
  • Debris removal and re-siting up to £15,000 
  • Public liability insurance up to £5,000,000
  • Key and lock cover up to £1,000
  • Vermin cover up to £1,000
  • Freezer food cover up to £1,000
  • Excess from £75 
  • Loss of rent cover
  • Standard cover for accidental damage


Feefo rating: 4.7/5

Static caravan insurance specialists for over two decades, Lifesure designed their own comprehensive policy to include all the coverage an owner could need. Underwritten by AXA, there’s no doubt that your static caravan will be cared for.

Policy highlights:
  • New for old coverage for caravans up to 20 years old
  • Clothing, luggage and household goods cover up to £500 for each item
  • Accomodation cover up to £10,000
  • Loss of rent cover up to £10,000
  • Legal dispute cover up to £50,000 for only £1 extra per month

Coast Insurance

Smart Money People rating: 4.6/5

Coast Insurance works closely with top providers to create comprehensive policies without the eye-watering costs. A family-run insurance broker with a focus on holiday park homes, its dedication to excellent customer service is next level.

Policy highlights:
  • Static caravan policies from only £86 per year
  • Choose between ‘new-for-old’ or ‘market value’ policies
  • Excess from only £50
  • Loss of rent cover
  • Legal expense cover, including site owner and resident disputes

Shield Total Caravan Insurance

Feefo rating: 4.6/5

Specialising in static caravan coverage for over 25 years, Shield Total Insurance understands exactly what your policy should include. No matter your circumstances, its tailored products will cover your caravan for a competitive price.

Policy highlights:
  • Policies starting at only £60 per year
  • New for old coverage for caravans up to 20 years old
  • Debris removal and re-siting cover up to £10,000
  • Heave, subsidence and landslip cover
  • Public liability protection up to £5,000,000

Get Coverage For Your Caravan Through Camplify 

Camplify works closely with Hiscox to take care of all your static caravan insurance needs. It’s simple, too: we add a 4% fee to each booking to ensure that your caravan is covered up to £1,200,000 if damaged while being rented out. 

As you’ll never have to claim through your general insurance provider, your premium won’t be affected! What’s more, this fee only applies on days that your static caravan is hired, saving you money on an extra annual policy. The cherry on top? Camplify always takes a £1,000 deposit from the hirer, which will cover the excess so you don’t have to.

Note To Self: Less Isn’t Always More!

It’s human nature to hunt for deals, so many insurance providers offer cheap, eye-catching policies to boost their customer base. Beware. This discount likely comes at the expense of your coverage with critical features being limited or entirely excluded from your insurance package, something that could seriously hurt your finances in the future.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

However, you can avail of brilliant bargains that won’t let you down by becoming a member of the Caravan & Motorhome Club or Caravan & Motorhome Club. These reliable organisations offer exclusive deals for static caravan insurance, so make sure to check them out before you fall victim to a patchy policy.

What Are You Waiting For?

All in all, you want peace of mind as you holiday in and hire out one of your most valuable assets. With affordable and comprehensive policies from award-winning providers you can really trust, there’s no reason to play with fire - protect your beloved holiday home with static caravan insurance before it’s too late! 

So what is Camplify?

We are the UK’s largest caravan & motorhome RV sharing community, helping connect thousands of holidaymakers with RV owners.

What does that mean?

Essentially, we provide a unique sharing service where owners of caravans, camper trailers,
motorhomes, and campervans list their RV for hire while not in use. 

As an owner, this enables you to earn over £10,000 each year instead of having your RV just sitting around while you’re not using it.

As a holidaymaker, Camplify helps you find an RV that is perfect for you so you can experience the joys of caravanning - without having to own one yourself.

Interested? Learn more about Camplify here.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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