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Top UK Holiday Destinations for Families | Lake District

Tuesday 17th March 2020
By Zarik Ahuir
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By Zarik Ahuir
Located in northwest England, Lake District National Park is renowned for its scenic forests and mountains — and of course the myriad of lakes. It’s England’s biggest National Park and is home to the highest mountain (Scafell Pike) and the deepest lake (Wastwater).

Lake District is one of the best UK holiday destinations for families because it’s beauty and family-friendly activities. Lake District offers so many activities that you and your kids will have an unforgettable trip. But there are more reasons to visit Lake District on your next holiday:

Why visiting Lake District in a caravan is a great idea

Lake District is one of the most beautiful sites in all of England. You’re surrounded by beautiful nature — lush green valleys, picturesque lakes, and incredible mountain ranges surround this iconic landmark.

There are also many quaint and historic villages throughout Lake District. These villages offer many family-friendly activities and campings.
That’s why visiting it on a caravan is such a great plan. You can easily drive your caravan or motorhome into Nature and camp at one of the many camping sites that you’ll find.

The UK has many wonderful caravanning destinations but if you’re looking for a family holiday destination or a simple family break, but certainly, Lake District is one of the best. 

The Best Places to Visit in Lake District

Lake District is not only famous for its myriad of lakes. It has many amazing destinations for all kinds of travellers. Here are some recommendations:


Little island at Derwentwater
Derwentwater is one of the most notable lakes in Lake District, close to the town of Keswick. Derwentwater is the favourite among many families because of its myriad of activities and some sandy beaches.

Families love taking the lake cruise, exploring every aspect of the lake. You can also take a walk around the lake, taking in the various sights. There’s a waymarked path around the lake at about 16 kilometres long.

Other notable sights around Derwentwater include Catbells, a popular fell that’s about 451 metres tall, and Friar’s Crag, a jutting located on one of the boat’s landing stations. Friar’s Crag offers one of the best views, providing a perfect view of the lake and various mountain ranges.


If you plan on doing some outdoor activities, you’ll want to make a stop in Keswick first. This town offers many equipment shops, ensuring you stock up on all essential gear before climbing and hiking.

Keswick is also a lovely town, perfect for families. There are plenty of restaurants, boutiques, and other accommodations to relax and have fun.


Coniston Water is the third-largest lake in Lake District. The lake is about eight kilometres long, perfect for boating and biking around the lake.

Coniston Village is also a popular destination. You can find pubs, shops, and restaurants.

To the west of the village and lake is the Old Man of Coniston, a fell that’s over 802 metres tall! Hiking and climbing the Old Man is the perfect activity for the more adventurous family.

Langdale Valley

Langdale Valley landscape.
Langdale is one of the most breathtaking areas of the Lake District. There are two notable valleys: Great Langdale and Little Langdale.

Great Langdale is over 12,000 acres and the National Trust has about ten farms in this area. Little Langdale is the second valley and is home to the town Elterwater.

There are various walking routes in both valleys, some are easy for families with small children and others are more challenging for the adventurous family.


Grasmere is a popular Lake District village. It’s in the centre of Lake Village, an accessible spot for all tourists. If you make a stop in Grasmere, don’t leave without seeing poet William Wordsworth’s grave or visiting Grasmere’s famous gingerbread shop.

Grasmere also has a popular lake. This lake is calmer than other Lake District lakes, serving as the perfect spot for kayaking and swimming. If you prefer hiking, many families love walking along Red Bank Road.

If you follow Red Bank Road, you’ll find a footpath that leads you to Rydal Water. This is one of Lake District’s smaller lakes but is a popular hiking destination. The lake itself is scenic and around the area, you’ll find a cave and other iconic landmarks.


Described as one of the loveliest lakes in Lake District, Ullswater is the second-largest and third-deepest lake in England. Ullswater is a favourite spot because of the stunning scenery; mountain ranges and other incredible nature surround the lake.

Because of the incredible scenery, Ullswater is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts. There are also boat tours for those who want to view the scenery while on the lake. If you are not in the mood for a walk, just driving through Ullswater will also find stunning views of the place.


Descending Helvellyn Mountain. Picture by "mārcis".
If you and your family plan on climbing up the Helvellyn Mountain, Glenridding is the perfect starting point. This small town sits at the foot of Ullswater and is the perfect place to buy essentials such as maps.

If you want to go on the “steamers” lake cruise, Glenridding is the place to catch the steamers. Glenridding is also the perfect spot for caravan camping.

Northern Lakes

If you and your family want a peaceful getaway, you’ll love Lake District’s Northern Lakes. There are multiple lakes hidden in the northwest Lake District that are perfect for kayaking, swimming, paddleboarding, and canoeing.

If you’re looking for a serene walk, there are different walking paths that are perfect for a simple family hike. Some lakes, such as Buttermere, are small enough to walk the entire circumference.


Windermere (Picture by Mark Hughes)
At almost 17 kilometres long, Lake Windermere is the largest in all of England, and arguably the most popular destination for families in Lake District. There is a huge range of child-friendly activities, attractions, and other things to do around that your kids will absolutely love.

But if you are looking for something quieter, try Ambleside. Ambleside is another tourist town, though smaller than Windermere. Tourists love Ambleside because it’s a charming historic town and in addition to that, it hosts plenty of good restaurants, shops, and even a cinema.


At almost 79 metres deep, Wastwater is the deepest lake in England. For this reason, Wastwater is a popular destination for divers.

If you travel to the southwestern edge of the lake, you’ll see a stunning award-winning view of the lake alongside the mountain ranges.

These mountain ranges include Great Gable, Yewbarrow, and Lingmell. At the top of Lingmell sits Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain. For this reason, the Wastwater area is a popular destination for climbers.

Lake District Family-friendly Activities

While we covered some of the activities you can do in Lake District, there are many more we haven’t mentioned and might be interesting for you.

Visiting Dove Cottage

The poet Willian Wordsworth is one of Lake District’s most historic figures. You can visit his grave in Grasmere but you can also visit Dove Cottage, where Wordsworth resided. Today, Dove Cottage is a museum dedicated to Wordsworth’s life and his poetry.

Beatrix Potter’s Cottage

Beatrix Potter’s Cottage
Lake District also has another museum devoted to a renowned writer. Tourists can discover Beatrix Potter’s cottage, the writer of iconic children’s books such as “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. Potter bought a cottage in Lake District, which inspired many of her stories, including “Peter Rabbit”.

The cottage displays Potter’s favourite belongings and other mementoes, such as her writing desk. Out in the garden is also a gooseberry bush where Peter Rabbit was unfortunately caught.
The cottage is in Hawkshead, County of Cumbria. Hawkshead is located in Lake District’s southern tip and some say it’s the prettiest village in all of Lake District.

Climb Scafell Pike

Are you a family of thrill-seekers? Do you just want to do something different and daring? If so, climbing England’s tallest fell is a must. While Scafell Pike is ideal for expert climbers, there are many family-friendly walking tours and other options for beginners.

Cruise the lakes

Cruising the lakes is a popular tourist activity in Lake District. Derwentwater and Ullswater host popular cruises, or steamers, that take you on a trip throughout the entire lake.

You also don’t need a cruise to explore all of the lakes. Pack some kayaks or canoes in your caravan and explore some of the calmer lakes. Great examples include Grasmere and the Northern Lakes.

Derwent Pencil Museum

Derwent Pencil Museum
Did you ever look at a pencil and wonder about its history? If so, you’ll adore this family-friendly and interesting museum. The Cumberland Pencil Company created the first pencil in 1832. From there, the pencil experienced a remarkable history that you’ll discover at this museum.

The museum is located in Keswick. Make sure to take the family to some of the other accommodations Keswick offers, such as the boutiques and restaurants.

Climb the Old Man of Coniston

While the Old Man isn’t as tall as Scafell Pike, it’s still an intense climb. But if you and your family can conquer the hike, this activity is worth it. Reaching the Old Man’s summit offers some of the best views in all of Lake District.

Grasmere Gingerbread Shop

If you’re spending a day in the Grasmere village, you and your family will love the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. This famous shop is renowned for their mint cake and other treats.

View the Wildlife

Wild Red Deers
No trip to Lake District is complete without viewing their unique wildlife. Keep your eyes opened, because at Lake District you can spot:

  • Fell ponies
  • Red deer
  • Herdwick sheep
  • Red squirrel
  • Osprey
  • Ring ouzel
  • Arctic char
  • Roe deer
  • Natterjack toad
  • Hawfinch

Animal sighting might be a fun family-activity while you and your family camp in your van. Remember to pack your best camera and be ready to dive into mother Nature. But please, always follow the recommendations from National Park authorities.

Get Artsy at Blackwell House

Blackwell House was originally brewer Sir Edward Holt’s holiday house. Now, it’s a prominent arts and crafts location that attracts all Lake District tourists.

Blackwell House in Windermere has incredible plasterwork, wood carvings, and other artistry. The house is also famous for hosting many arts and crafts activities for families.

Lake District Is One of the Best UK Holiday Destinations for Families

If you’re looking for one of the best UK holiday destinations for families, look no further than Lake District. Lake District offers everything you can look for your family — from serenity to adventure, and many activities your family will love.

While there are many hotels and B&Bs in Lake District, caravaning offers the most unforgettable experience and it is certainly the best way to immerse yourselves into Lake District. That way you can visit more places and stay closer to nature and at the same time, forget packing and unpacking, coordinate reservations, find restaurants, etc.

If you are not planning to buy your own caravan, many owners rent out their vehicles for very affordable prices. Camplify offers a range of options so you can find and hire the perfect one for your family size and your budget. 

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