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Ultimate guide: Hire or Buy a Static Caravan?

Wednesday 26th February 2020
By Laura Canning
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By Laura Canning
So you’ve decided that static caravan holidays are for you. You prefer having a set base to explore from, having more space in your living quarters, and being able to socialise with other people on your holiday park. 

But what’s next – do you hire or do you buy?

Whether you hire a static caravan or buy one, here’s our guide to the pros and cons of each.

Hiring a static caravan – pros and cons

At first this seems like a no-brainer. You get to experience all the highs of static caravan living, such as comfortable surroundings, plenty of mod cons and a home from home that’s likely on a well-equipped holiday park and/or in a thriving tourist area with plenty to do. 

All this without any of the hassles or cons of ownership – no park fees, maintenance costs or unexpected costs like replacing the boiler – what’s not to love?

Hiring a static caravan also means you can just turn up and everything is there waiting. Beds, kitchen stuff, heating, a working shower, plenty of water… it’s all there. Hired statics are great for exploring too, as you can have a different holiday in a different place every time. 

Like all types of van living, whether campervan, touring caravan or static, this type of caravan holiday cuts down on costs too, as you can make your own meals and you aren’t paying expensive hotel fees.

The final advantage of hiring a static caravan is that you can try the lifestyle before buying a van of your own. Perhaps you’ll feel a bit restricted on a static caravan and decide that a campervan is the way to go. Maybe you’ll love the sense of permanence and realise that you definitely do want your van. Either way, it makes sense to try static caravan and caravan park living out before you buy.

And the cons? The main disadvantage to a hired static caravan is simply that it isn’t yours. You won’t be able to decorate, add your own items, leave things there or adjust the caravan for your own needs and taste. 

While you can certainly return to the same caravan park (and perhaps the same hired caravan) every so often it’s not the same as owning the caravan yourself, when you can make impromptu visits, invite friends down or let friends stay when you’re not there, or hire the caravan out.

Buying a static caravan – pros and cons

There are many advantages to buying a static caravan. It can be a true home from home, decorated and kitted out how you like. You can take a holiday at any time or at the last minute – just come home from work on a Friday, jump in the car and go – no need to check for availability. Even better, you can arrive at 3am or leave at 9pm if you want – no need to book ahead or check in.

It’s easy to socialise as a static caravan owner too. It’s probable that your park neighbours will be in a similar situation to you: they might have chosen this particular park because they also have young children, for example. Your kids can make friends they’ll see every year and be on a park with plenty for them to do.

Owning your own static caravan will also give you the security of knowing exactly what type of accommodation you’ll stay in. There’ll be no unavailability, no getting moved to a different van and no need to avoid popular (and expensive) dates such as summer holidays. You can holiday regularly in a place you love, on your own terms and your own dates, making your static caravan a true second home.

Finally, owning a static caravan can be a great source of income. Let your static out to other holidaymakers when you’re not there to recoup your outgoing costs such as park fees and insurance.

The biggest drawback to owning a static caravan is the cost. Unlike a campervan that you can keep on your driveway, a static caravan will be in a park (holiday park or privately owned) which will charge fees for use of the site, security and insurance. These fees are annual, so must be factored in every year even after you’ve paid in full for your static. There’s also upkeep and servicing to think about, plus unexpected expenses such as replacing a boiler. 

Also consider how much you’ll use the van – will you get your money’s worth from it? You may decide to let it out over summer, meaning that you’ll make plenty of money but be unable to use the van yourself. This could be perfectly fine, but is something to consider.

You might not be the type of holidaymaker who likes to go to the same location over  and over again. If you’re more of a wanderer than a homebird, a campervan is probably a better option. (That said, it’s easy to get out and about to explore using your static caravan as a base.)

Buying and hiring

Why not buy a static caravan to use for holidays and hire it out when you’re not using it? That way you can make money to cover site fees and other expenses… plus the cost of holidays elsewhere.

Check out our blog series on static caravans if you do decide to buy a static caravan – we have information and tips on whether to buy a new or used van, where to find static caravans for sale, what you need to know when hiring out your static caravan and more. 

Once you have your van and it’s set up, let it out to customers using Camplify. You can make up to £10,000 a year renting out your static caravan; more details here.

Tips on hiring a static caravan

 If you prefer to hire, here are our tips and recommendations:

  • Think about what you want from your holiday. A quick beach trip, a base for visiting friends/family, a couple of weeks away or a luxury home from home? All these will determine the features, fixings and furniture you’re looking for.
  • Next, think about the type of caravan park you want to stay on. This will likely be determined by your type of trip: eg, a three-day beach holiday in summer will probably see you outdoors most of the time, whereas a week’s holiday to escape from stress might be best on a park with plenty of facilities, or an adults-only park with a spa. 

If you’re bringing kids, it’s likely that you’ll want a caravan park with a pool, games, kids’ clubs and other family facilities; you’ll also need to look for suitable vans if you’re bringing the family dog.

  • Then go to the Camplify UK search page and amend the “type of vehicle” search to “static caravans” (also tick “lodges” if you like). You can browse all relevant static caravans for hire, or add your dates to find available statics for then.

Ready to buy instead? Our static caravan blogs have all you need to know.

To find out how Camplify can work with you and your RV, register today here.

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