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From Wings To Wheels: A Foreigner’s Guide To An Adventure In The UK

Thursday 17th August 2017
By Kay Knight
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By Kay Knight
If you’ve been dreaming of coming to the UK or are stuck for ideas on where to stay when you arrive, we’ve come up with a perfect recipe for your UK adventure. From closing the door to your home all the way to opening it back up again after your well-deserved week’s holiday, we’ve given you some great ideas to make your trip one to remember for years to come.

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Planning your holiday

You can’t just wing it and expect to have an amazing journey, you have to guide yourself towards the memories you want to create. So, where do you start? Well, you’ll most likely need to catch a flight over the water to get here so let’s start there.

Flights to the UK

No matter where in the world you’re visiting from, there are a great number of deals out there to get you over here in a flash without breaking the bank before you’ve even set off. We’d recommend you compare flight prices or use a travel search aggregator like Skyscanner who will pull prices from their partners to give you all the travel options you’ll need including hotels and car hire too. It’s much easier than visiting individual websites multiple times to find what you’re looking for. The joy of a website like this is that it’s easy and the rest of your time can go on researching places to visit and getting excited!

Hotels near the main airports

There may be a strong possibility that your flight times don’t coincide with the rest of the UK being awake and in full swing so we’re suggesting that you book your first night at a hotel if necessary. There’s an abundance of accommodation options on the doorstep of all main airports in the UK so pick one that suits your needs if you have any (apart from a bed and a bathroom). This is another occasion where sites like Skyscanner come in handy as they’ll find the hotel perfect for you based on the preferences you provide.

Ditch the hotel and pick up your wheels


What better way to explore the UK than in a campervan or motorhome! A recent article we found about a couple that gave up their jobs to travel the world in a motorhome has been inspiration for many to start looking at holidays like this because you’re in complete control of where you go, what you do and how you do it. Most vehicles come with everything you need to enjoy a holiday on the go so why not try it out; you’ve got nothing to lose.

This is our opportunity to introduce you to Camplify…We help match up budding campers and caravanners to their perfect hire vehicles and owners of said vehicles to their ideal guests. All you need to do is head to and search for a campervan or motorhome in the area you’d like to start from and the rest is easy. You can talk to the owner directly to ask any questions you may have and arrange payment and picking up the keys to your home on wheels for the week. Your best bet is to find one near to the airport you’re flying into or alternatively fly into the nearest airport to your perfect campervan!

Places to park up for the night

There are thousands of holiday parks across the UK that would be happy to put you up for just a night or two before you move onto your next destination and it will only cost you around £15 per night to stay. Here’s just a few ways to help you find one on your planned route:

Pitch Up, Out And About Live and list hundreds of camping sites around the UK for you to choose from with various levels of facilities and entertainment for you to enjoy. Then there’s UK tour operators like Haven, Park Holidays and Away Resorts also offer touring and camping pitches with onsite perks like scheduled evening entertainment, restaurants, bars and swimming pools. These might set you back a few more pounds but it all depends on whether the added extras are worth it to you.

Places to visit in the UK

Places to visit in the UK

There are some real hidden gems all over this little island we call home but we’ve compiled a short list of ‘must sees’ if you’re planning on visiting any of these regions:

  • St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall - Take a step back into history at this unique spot on a tiny island accessible by foot at low tide.

  • Llyn Y Fan Fach in Wales – If you’re up for a bit of hiking and aren’t scared of heights this lake is a stunning sight and enough to make anyone’s day.

  • Stargazing on the Isle of Man – Because of the lack of light pollution here, it’s an absolutely perfect place for taking in the sky at night.

  • Weymouth Beach in Dorset has been voted Britain’s best beach for 2017 so go get that sand between your toes and buy your obligatory stick of rock.

  • Longleat in Warminster – This historical estate is home to the world’s longest maze, its own safari park and beautiful gardens all accessible to the public. It also happens to be the home to the Marquesses of Bath!

Hand back the keys

Once you’ve seen all your chosen sights and relaxed in the comfort of your stylish campervan or motorhome for seven glorious nights in the UK, it’s going to be time to head home (sad face emoji). You’ve most likely planned your locations to end near to your RV drop off point, if not that was a big hint! All that’s left to do now is hand those keys over and head straight back to the airport to catch your flight home. Enjoy your UK adventure!

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