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For Hirers

Camping in the UK is a great way to see our amazing country. The adventures are limitless. However, the financial investment required can limit access to a caravanning holiday for many people. Camplify is here to solve this problem!

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How Camplify works for hirers

We work with private caravan owners, parks, hiring companies & RV dealers to help provide our valued hiring members with the perfect solution.

For years, millions of people in the UK have been limited to pitching a tent and doing it rough. Camplify presents the opportunity for almost anybody to enjoy a “glamping” (glamorous camping) experience. See the UK in style by hiring your perfect caravan, campervan, motorhome or tent trailer – No matter what your location or budget is!

Hiring any type of RV is easy

  1. Create a free profile and tell us all about yourself.
  2. Once you find your perfect RV and agree with the owner to book, you pay for your booking and make arrangements to meet and complete your pre-hire checklist.
  3. You have an amazing holiday in your perfect caravan, motorhome or camper.
  4. Return the RV to the agreed location and complete our post-hire checklist.
  5. Review the RV you hired to help other Camplify members and start planning your next adventure!

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Happy Campers

At Camplify it's our mission to send as many people on camping holidays as possible. Camplify was born from a love of the outdoors, camping, and caravaning. Now we want the world to experience the joys of being able to share the caravan love.

The concept of Camplify is brilliant. People that own caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes or campervans are able to put them up for hire instead of letting them sit unused in their sheds or on their driveways. Why not earn some money back on the investment? If we ever buy a caravan, we wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to list it with Camplify

Melissa and Jonathan

Camplify for...

Camplify has hundreds of options for every type of camping and caravanning holiday. It doesn't matter what type of RV you go in - whether it be a caravan, trailer tent, motorhome or campervan - Camplify provides you with the opportunity to experience the UK easily and cost-effectively. Our listed RV owners provide a huge range of accommodation options for every different type of person and budget.

For Holidaymakers

We believe the best kind of holiday in the UK is a camping holiday. Some of the most amazing camping spots in the world are in the UK. You get million dollar experiences and breathtaking scenery for only a few pounds per night. If you have never tried caravanning or camping before, you have come to the right place. Speak directly to one of our expert owners who can give you advice and assistance to plan your RV holiday!

For Events

Are you heading to an event and looking for accommodation? It doesn't matter if it's an equestrian event, a festival, a sporting event, or a concert - our Camplify owners can drop off an RV and set it up for you. You can have luxury camping accommodation right where you need it.

Hiring FAQs

  • Yes. Insurance is included in the outlined price of the RV hire rates, there are no additional fees required.

  • If something goes wrong you can feel safe in the fact that every hire on Camplify includes RAC breakdown cover, and our Camplify team is always there to assist.

  • Our security deposit works just like a hotel. We take an imprint of your credit card at the time of booking, and we only take any funds if any damage occurs.

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We list all types of caravans and RVs for hire

It doesn't matter if you're after a trailer tent, a camper trailer, a caravan, a motorhome, or a campervan - you have come to the right place. We have so many different types of RVs available for hire in the UK.




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Camplify has the perfect RV for your holiday

UK Camping Holiday Destinations

The UK is full of amazing locations for camping and caravanning. Check out a few recommendations and find RVs to hire on our destinations pages.

Camplify has the perfect RV for your holiday